Top 5 Itineraries of Summer 2017

As summer comes to an end, use the following Wimby itineraries for inspiration on what to do for your next vacation!


5. Doing DC Right – Washington, DC | BWI, DCA, IAD | 3 Day Trip 

On this three-day trip, you will see all of the DC monuments, take a walk through time in the prestigious museums, and participate in some activities.

4. Surf the South – Portugal | LIS | 8 Day Trip

Starting your trip in Lisbon, you’ll relax and surf at the beaches going up the West Coast. Then without having driven too far, you’ll turn around for the drive to the Algarve where you can spend the day at one of the most beautiful places in Portugal.


3. A Week in Phuket – Thailand | HKT | 7 Day Trip

Good choice picking a vacation in Phuket, Thailand; it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. In Phuket, there is a lot to do and the entire region treats tourists lovely. Thailand itself is massive and getting from town to another generally takes a while, however, in Phuket it is easy, the roads are nicely paved and enjoyable to drive on thanks to the views and openness. Phuket from North to South is only about an hour’s drive.


2. Finally A Full Ring Road Itinerary! – Iceland | KEF | 9 Day Trip

Every now and then you’ve got to take a good road trip, do yourself a favor and spend it on Iceland’s Ring Road. Ring Road or Route 1 is a road around the entire country. The total driving distance is 18 hours or 800 miles but you’ll be stopping often to see the amazing sites on the way.


1. Reykjavik, Vik, and Some More – Iceland | KEF | 7 Day Trip

Get the true Iceland experience with all the hot springs, horses, and city life without straying too far away from base camp in Reykjavik.


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