Going to Reykjavik Soon? Here’s What to Do

Use this Reykjavik rundown to see the great attractions of the city. Reykjavik is Iceland’s main city; it is a major tourist attraction with around only 300k locals and 700k tourists per year.

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Day 1: Getting Cozy in a Cozy City

You will not need a car for this itinerary, as Reykjavik is a very walkable city! The cobblestone streets are packed with tourists on a mission like you to have a great time.


  • SOD: Arrive at the futuristic-looking Keflavik International Airport and head right over to the Blue Lagoon. You can take a cab or use an airport shuttle
    • (20m)
  • What’s Iceland without visiting the Blue Lagoon Spa and other hot springs? Many people on stopovers who have just started their trip go to the Blue Lagoon to kick off an Iceland adventure. Head over to the Lagoon to relax into vacation mode. It is easy to spend an entire day here
    • (35m)
  • After simmering into the Iceland spirit at Blue Lagoon, go to Reykjavik and settle into the city
    • (10m)
  • EOD: Icelanders love their fermented fish and hot dogs! If you have not yet heard about the delicious Icelandic hot dogs, here you go. Go enjoy a hot dog at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur


Day 2: Seeing Those Ice Sights!

Spend the day in the city and see the many attractions it has to offer. There are tons of museums and historic sights that you’ll want to see and don’t be shy to stop off at more hot dog joints.
  • SOD- 12:00: Chanel your inner Viking and dress up like one at the Saga Museum


  • 12:10 – 13:30: In the land of ice and fire, head over to the Volcano House to see some stones from Iceland’s great volcanos
    • (8m)
  • 13:38 – 15:00: Walk on over to Solfario or as its known – Sun Voyager. This dock has a great view of the ocean and if you’re lucky you may see some whales by the coast
    • (8m)
  • 15:08 – EOD: Whether you’ve booked a concert or not the Harpa Music Hall it is worth walking in. Its architecture is spectacular and the lit up walls will below you away. Harpa is right in the heart of the city so after viewing the building you may explore the town on your own


Day 3: Wrapping it All Up

Since Reykjavik is a small city there’s a large chance you’ve seen some of the sites of day 3 before today, in which case go for a double take and revisit your favorites.


  • SOD – 12:30: Start your morning with a bang! At the Icelandic Phallological Museum, it’s exactly what it sounds like, but very entertaining
    • (25m)
  • 12:55 – 15:00: After walking the streets of Iceland, learn about its history at the National Museum of Iceland
    • (15m)
  • 15:15 – 16:00: One of Iceland’s most iconic buildings, visit the Hallgrimskirkja church and take the elevator up to the top for view of the entire city
    • (6mD)
  • While you may have some free time on this day, why not fill it with an organized tour from Reykjavik? Some of the great tours offered in the area are whale watching, Glacier Walking, Walking tours from local expert guides and more
  • 16:06 – EOD: Enjoy your last full day in Reykjavik at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country at the stunningly beautiful Perlan. After dinner have fun on a final night out in the city

Day 4: Explore the Ice

What’s Iceland without having some quality time with Nature? Pingviller Park is a vast national park with amazing hikes, waterfalls, snorkeling, great places to see the Northern Lights and more.
  • SOD – EOD: While you’re in Reykjavik you cannot miss Pingviller national park. While you’re in Pingviller you may ride around the Golden Circle or enjoy some of the many outdoor tours around the area
Oxararfoss waterfall

Day 5: Escape the Elves

This was just a click itinerary of Reykjavik, but just by being in this country for four days you’ve surely seen how much there is to offer. Check out some other Wimby itineraries to see even more activities in Iceland.
  • SOD: Get in any last sights and souvenirs before you leave Reykjavik
    • (25m)
  • Very close to the Keflavik airport is another Viking Museum, you may stop here if you’d like to truly savior every instance being in this great country
    • (20m)
  • If you didn’t go to the Blue Lagoon at the start of the trip, you can take shuttles from Reykjavik with your luggage and go before your departing flight. The locker rooms have large lockers because it is so common for tourists to go just before or after their flight
    • (20m)
  • EOD: End the trip where it all began and fly out of the Keflavik International Airport


Estimated Price: $350


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