Wimby (What’s In My Backyard), is a travel planning website that provides hundreds of free travel itineraries. These itineraries capture continents, countries, cities, states, activities, and more. Our itineraries are created with the traveler in mind, as often we go out and test them ourselves!

Wimby aims to take the hassle out of vacation planning as most travel websites and resources give information on places to see, but not the best way to get from site to site or day to day route allocation. Whether people use Wimby as a jumping off point to plan trips on their own or choose to follow our itineraries in full, the itineraries found on Wimby can be trusted as a reliable source of vacation planning excellence!

Wimby also offers many opportunities for hospitality and travel vendors to promote their businesses. For more information on advertising and the partner program, click here. For featuring your business in an itinerary, click here.