We’ll make you a Custom Itinerary!

You can sit back and relax while Wimby creates your dream trip! We’ll make a custom itinerary specific to your requirements! We’ll factor in the budget, the sites you want to see, time of the trip, convenience, and more!

Our itinerary creators are well traveled and have experience in the places being written about. With this insider knowledge, we can assure a quality itinerary that delivers an excellent vacation.

With the custom itinerary, you’ll receive:
  • An offline copy of the itinerary in PDF, so you may take it wherever you go
  • An Ebook with insights and information on the country you are traveling to
  • A document with travel hacks and tips

Wimby Itineraries do not make travel arrangments, we provide tourist attractions and activities based on where you are staying. And if you are a blogger, we will acknowledge that you have endorsed the itinerary by hyperlinking your blog on our site forever!

Custom itineraries are $15 per day

If you’re interested in having a custom itinerary created contact us!