Terms and Conditions

1 …Itineraries

Wimby Itineraries are composed of travel destinations, estimated cost,  driving time between each destination, suggestions on where to eat and stay, duration of the trip, videos or the location, videos reviews of specific destinations, and the best airport to land in for completing the itinerary. Wimby Itineraries are for the time being created by Wimby staff.

     1.1…Submitting an Itinerary

Itineraries can be submitted to Wimby to be posted on the website. All submitted Itineraries will be vetted and fact checked. Submitted itineraries can be rejected or altered.

     1.2…Custom Itineraries

Custom itineraries are purchasable for anybody who requests it. These itineraries can still be themed and we will work with you to create an itinerary you are happy with. After custom itineraries have been created, they will be publically posted on Wimby for anybody to use.

     1.3…Sharing Itineraries

We encourage sharing of our itineraries through social media platforms and will not seek any individual who spreads or shares our itineraries with peers.

2 …Advertising

Wimby allows for advertising on itineraries and on the website. Wimby has full authority to reject irrelevant advertising proposals from companies we see unfit.  Reasons for companies being unfit for advertising on Wimby include the company, is not a true travel destination where the business is solely unique to the area, this is to avoid undermining actual travel businesses.

     2.1….Advertising on Itineraries

Hospitality and travel vendors have the opportunity to use paid advertising through Wimby. Vendors can pay to have their businesses incorporated into our itineraries or as suggestions in the itineraries. Businesses can also pay extra to have their company’s name hyperlinked to a web page of their choice to drive traffic.  Payment for business placement is pay per how many itineraries the business should appear on.

     2.2…Advertising on our Website

Website advertisements are displayed as e-banners along the sidebar and between the text of a specific web page.

3 …Partners

The Wimby Partner Program will work with hospitality and travel vendors to promote their businesses. By joining the  Partner Program businesses have the opportunity to increase traffic o their businesses for publically displaying on their website or brick and mortar location they are affiliated with Wimby through a provided badge.