Have your Business Featured in an Itinerary!

Travel and Hospitality Vendors!

Have your business featured in a Wimby Itinerary!


Travel and Hospitality vendors, travel tour groups, Restaurants, Hostels, and Hotels worldwide, and of course Wimby! Wimby will provide the necessary details on what to do for being featured in an itinerary after we are contacted.

Wimby also accepts travel products and services to be featured in our itineraries as a sponsored post and review. On the top of itineraries, your product or service’s review will be hyperlinked in our “What to bring” section.


Wimby attracts visitors worldwide and these visitors are using Wimby to plan their vacations, whether it’s by using the itineraries as a jumping off point to further plan their own vacation or using the itineraries entirely. Wimby will continue to create great itineraries worldwide and with such a large reach and engagement, having your business, product, or service included will tell users exactly where they should go and what they should bring on vacation.

Wimby’s “Have your business featured in an Itinerary” options works by selling impressions and sponsored posts. The featured businesses will be selected in itineraries when routing destinations make sense but it will be prioritized over other sites in the area.

Hyperlinks to sponsored articles about Products and services will be listed on the top of relevant itineraries under the “What to bring” lead.

Pricing works based on an initial cost for the impression and following costs for how many itineraries to be featured in. Itineraries with your business, product, or service will receive social media promotion and email marketing by Wimby.

Wimby will also promote businesses via Instagram and follow it on Twitter. Wimby has a large Instagram following and we will post a picture of your business while promoting the itinerary it is featured in. Wimby only follows advertisers or followers on Twitter, on occassion we will retweet news about your business, product, or service.


on http://www.wimbytravel.com our readers will view your business, product, or services within our itineraries. All mentions of the featured business, product, or services will be hyperlinked to a related web page on the designated itineraries.


As soon as you contact Wimby we’ll begin working with you. When it has been agreed upon that Wimby will feature your business, product, or service, we’ll work in creating an itinerary around it.

Itineraries are made based on efficiently navigating between sites, therefore, we will create the itinerary when there is enough demand for the area.

Wimby also takes into consideration what time of day is most relevant for users to be guided to your business, which is discussed more after we are contacted.


Adding your business, product, or service to a Wimby itinerary may bring more customers to your business.

Wimby is a unique website that has gained much traffic. Our users are using Wimby to plan their vacations and by guiding them to your business or to use your product or service, this may not only increase marketability but sell-through to customers.


Start the process by sending us an email from our “Contact” page which you can access by clicking here!  Once we receive your email, we’ll work with you so your business, product, or service is promoted in the best way possible to attract customers.