Adventure and Outdoors Gear

SunnyBag Backpack Solar Panel 

The SunnyBag backpack solar panel is the perfect piece of equipment to bring on longSunny Bag adventures where you may be brining other electronics. The Sunnybag is light, reliable and extremely useful for those days outside away from outlets. The solar panel is high quality and able to work in the summer as well as winter as long as there is sun. As long as there is sun you can count on your devices getting charged!

 Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack

Osprey is an extremely trusted brand when it comes to the world of outdoors and travel gear. For a week long trip you’ll want a backpack that is 50L, this size is comfortable and fitting for this amount of time away from home.  The Osprey backpacks come with many pockets, hip straps to help bear the weight, a water sleeve for a hydration pack, and more.

GoPro Action Camera

You’re on the adventure and outdoors trip of a lifetime, so you’ll certainly want to get some high-quality pictures and videos. The GoPro is reliable, durable, and always produced high-quality recordings. By purchasing extra accessories like cases and mounts, you may be comfortable bringing it to the harshest conditions. The camera is also versatile enough to be used in any situation less extreme.

Hiking Books

To be unstoppable in the outdoors you’ll need reliable footwear. When shopping around for boots, you’ll want to look for comfortable, light, and water resistant. Getting boots for vacation is also beneficial for any outdoors activities which may be done at home.

Travel Insurance


There are many travel insurance providers out there, but World Nomads is surely the best. They understand the average traveler wants an easy experience to get the relevant coverage. Travel Nomads is easy to work with, flexible and has great coverage worldwide. The process to purchase the insurance for your trip is very easy and user-friendly.