Surf the South

Starting your trip in Lisbon, you’ll relax and surf at the beaches going up the Northwest Coast. Then without having driven too far, you’ll turn around for the drive to the Algarve where you can spend the day at one of the most beautiful places in Portugal.

What to Bring     What to Know    Where to Stay

Day 1: Arrival

Start the trip off with instant action by renting a surfboard in Lisbon and driving to Cascais. Get your first taste of the famous Portugal swells then see some notable sites of the city.
  • Drive from the Lisbon airport to Cascais, you will need a rental car for this trip
    • (35m)
  • A great surf beach not far from Lisbon and by Cascais is Guincho Beach is Throughout this trip, you may also take surf lessons at different locations on the coast
    • (20m)
  • In Cascais be sure to check out the sea cliffs of Boca do Inferno/Hell mouth
    • (20m)
  • Stay the night in Cascais and enjoy the many bars and clubs of the lively beach town
  • (EOD)

Downtown Cascias

Day 2: Running up the Ramparts

Sintra is home to some of Portugal’s most famous and massive castles, these are a must see. There are private tours that you can purchase but the area is so vast, it is also great to have the freedom to wander as you wish. 
  • SOD:  Wake up have a nice Cascais breakfast, then drive to Sintra.
    • (25m)
  • 11:25 – 18:30: Sintra is an all day activity filled with castles and parks; there are a lot of them so you’ll want to budget time respectively. Some of the most popular sites are Castle of the Moors and Monserrate Palace. Check out this Sintra day trip itinerary on the best way to see the area in one day click here
    • (15m)
  • 18:45 – 20:00: After a long day of walking around drive down to Down Town Sintra and have a nice dinner, (fair warning, a lot of the restaurants close early). There are lots of restaurants and stores that are fun to explore
    • (25m)
  • EOD: Drive back to Cascais for another night

Pena Palace

Downtown Sintra

Day 3: A Full Day Surfing

There is a lot to see in Sintra, so if you didn’t get the chance to see everything you wanted, take some more time and see them today. After seeing all the Sintra sights, make room for more surfing!
  • 10:30: Drive from Sintra to Ericeria
    • (30m)
  • 11:00 – EOD: Surf, surf, surf! It’s a long walk or a short cab ride from Ericeria to the beach Praia da Empa. At Praia da Empa there is a cozy boardwalk with some restaurants and places to rent surfboards
    • (30m)
  • EOD: Stay the night in EriceriaEriceiraPraia da Empa

Day 4: Ragers in Lagos

Wake up early and drive down to the beautiful Algarve. For a day of cliff jumping into the ocean and participating in other activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing and more. When the sunsets let loose in one of the best nightlife cities in Portugal.
  • 10:00: Drive from Ericeria to Lagos
    • (3h)
  • 13:00 – 18:00 Lagos has a great town known for enjoying the beaches and partying. Upon arrival, it’ll be hard to resist not immediately going to one of the fabulous beaches. While you’re at the beach and wandering the town, be sure to take one of the great outdoor activity tours
    • (10m)
  • 18:10 – EOD: Spend the night in Lagos, it won’t be hard to find a lively bar or fun crowd to tag along with

Streets of Lagos

Beaches of Lagos

Day 5: Mediterranean Paradise

Enjoy another beach day in Lagos, you may spend this time beach hopping and town exploring or you may broaden your horizons and go to one of the neighboring areas like Albufeira, Benagil, or Faro. 
  • SOD – 11:00: Wake up, grab a good breakfast and enjoy a full beach in this Mediterranean Paradise.
    • (10m)
  • 11:10 – 18:00: Lagos has many beaches, the popular ones within walking distance of the city center are Praia Dona Ana, Batata Beach, and Pinhao Beach
    • (25m)
  • 14:00 – 18:00: Run wild in Praia de Benagil and go cliff jumping! Be sure to visit the famous “Benagil Sea Cave”
    • (40m)
  • EOD: Explore the city and spend the night in Lagos.

Activity at Lagos

Day 6 & 7: Lisbon City Slickers

End the trip in the Capital of Portugal. Now that you’ve had an action-packed trip finish it off by enjoying the cities sites, people and cuisine.
  • 9:00: Drive from Lagos to Lisbon
    • (2h40m)
  • 11:40 – 22:00:  There is a ton to do in Lisbon, leave your car parked and either walk, take the tram, or a tuk tuk to get from place to place; there is certainly more than enough activity to fill two days. Once you’re settled in, walk around the city and see some of the notable sites such as the parque Eduardo, Pasteis de Belem, Alfama, Jardim Da Estrela.
  • EOD: Enjoy the Lisbon nightlife in areas like Bairro Alto, LX Factory, and Pink Street


Alfama Quarter of Lisbon

Day 8: Departure and Sadness

Time to go back home…
  • During this week, you’ve experienced some of the best surfing and beaches in the world
  • Board flight and go home

Estimated Cost $700

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