When You’re in Lisbon for One Day, Here’s What You Do

Lisbon is a medium sized city with a lot to do all around. The best strategy to see the great sights of the city in one day is to spread yourself thin. Get ready and start your engines because you’ll be on the move a lot.


Day 1: When you’re in Lisbon for One Day, Here’s what you Do

There are lots to do in Lisbon, you can follow the itinerary below or take a more structured organized tour. The best way to get around Lisbon is to use the public transportation such as the Tram, a Tuk Tuk ride, Cabs, Buses or even an Uber.
  • SOD – 12:00: Start the day off at one of the oldest areas in the city at the Sao Jorge Castle. The castle sits atop of the city and is a wonderful view
    • (20m)
  • 12:20 – 14:00: One of the most iconic areas of Portugal is Comercio Square. Grab a meal here and enjoy the area, there’s usually some sort of action in the square
    • (10m)
  • 14:10 – 16:30: Another lively plaza in Lisbon is Rossio Square, while this area is known for the beautiful fountain springing from the middle there are loads of fun restaurants and stores within the area
    • (2m)
  • 16:30 – 18:00: There is usually a long line for this sight but it’s worth it. Take the Santa Justa Lift to get a spectacular towering view of the city
    • (15m)
  • 18:15 – EOD: Barrio Alto is one of Lisbon’s most popular areas for nightlife. Here you’ll encounter massive crowds of friendly people throughout the bar and club filled streets
Comercio Square
Comercio Square
Rossio Square
Rossio Square

Estimated Cost: $70


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