The Lisbon Party Itinerary

If you’ve never partied in Lisbon before you’re in for a treat. In Portugal, the party continues beyond sunrise, so prepare yourself for battle, and rage until the next day! Devour plenty of Portugal, Super Bock, and Ginja and have a good time.

What to Bring     What to Know    Where to Stay


Day 1: Arrival

Depending on what time you’ve arrived you may have a full day of partying in front of you as there are lots of bars to grab drinks along any streets. You will not need a rental car for this itinerary. While the city can be too big to walk around, Lisbon has a great public transportation system and Uber works there.
  • SOD: Take a cab from the Airport to Lisbon and get settled at your place of stay
    • (15m)
  • EOD: First party stop, the Main club. A multi-floor club where the party never stops. Have your first impression of Lisbon be a wild one

Day 2: A Little Tourism but Mostly Party

You’ll feel more alive than ever on your first full day in Lisbon. In Lisbon the people are friendly and speak great English, so communicating will be easy. As a reminder, Portugal has decriminalized all drugs, but it is still smart to brush up on the law.
  • SOD – 12:00: Start the trip by looking down on the city you are about to conquer from the Castelo de S. Jorge
    • (20m)
  • 12:20 – 14:40: Walk over to Comercio Square; this is one of the most famous areas of Lisbon. At Comercio Square, there will be many locals selling drugs the drugs, but from this area, they are always fake. If you’re looking for some, ask people you see doing drugs if you can have some or where they got it
  • 14:40 – 21:00: Walk the streets and drop into any interesting bars, restaurants, or stores. Have a late dinner to get on the Portuguese party schedule
  • 21:00 – 2:00: When the streets get loud go to Bairro Alto. Bairro Alto is one of the most popular streets in Lisbon for nightlife, where there are herds of people all over the street and bar and club hopping; you can’t go wrong at Bairro Alto
    • (8m)
  • 2:08 – EOD: As the night goes on many people head over to the Praca Luis de Camoes Statue to congregate
Bairro Alto
Bairro Alto
Praca Luis de Camoes

 Day 3: More Lisbon Partying

Today you’re in for a real treat! The LX factory is a wonderful way to spend the day, think of it as the perfect place to day drink leading up to a big night.
  • SOD – 15:00: There is a lot to see in Lisbon so why limit yourself; after all, you’re here to party! Walk the streets and enjoy what you stumble upon
    • (17mD)
  • 15:17 – 21:00: LX Factory is an area filled with unique bars, restaurants, and shops, sort of a hipster feel, but there are lots to do and is a great time. You’ll be able to spot it from a distance by the colorful statue of the women on a very high rooftop bar
    • (10m)
  • 21:10 – 13:00: Take a cab and head over to another leading party area in Lisbon. Pink Street attracts people from all over Lisbon to come and party, like Bairro Alto the bar and club filled streets are crowded with people who want to have a good night
    • (10mD)
  • 13:10 – 8:00: Party until the sun rises at the lively club Lust in Rio. Lust in Rio is right on the water so when the sun rises you’ll feel truly accomplished and rewarded with a great view
    • (10m)
  • 8:10 – EOD: Do as the local partyers and go to A Merendiera down the street for the Caldo Verde (green soup). This soup is what will bring you back to life after a night of partying
LX Factory Rooftop Bar


Pink Street
Pink Street

Day 4 & 5: Lagos

It’s tempting to head down to the Algarve when you’re in Lisbon, so do it! Drive down to Lagos, which is the Algarve’s number one party town. The “Rising Cock” hostel is the leading party place to stay.
  • SOD – 22:00: Wherever you go in Portugal there is a lot to do and Lagos is certainly no exception. You can venture onto the beaches and follow the action or partake in one of the great activity tours. Lagos also has many booze cruises
  • 22:00 – EOD: Not hard to find where the party is in Lagos. There are many bars and clubs filled with tourists all having a great time

 Activity at Lagos

Day 6: Recap and Explore

Go back to the area on the water where Lust on the Rio was and venture to the other clubs around there. Stay up again until the sun rises and don’t sleep until your departing flight!
  • SOD – 21:00: Spend day six in Lisbon and as you’d like, you may tag along on some great city tours, some of which are themed by food and wine. Or see the city on your own, some notable sights are Belem Tower, the Lisbon Oceanarium, and Carmo Covent
  • 21:00 – EOD: End the trip by keeping the partying alive, go back to your favorite areas of Lisbon for partying or try somewhere new
Alfama Quarter of Lisbon
Alfama Quarter of Lisbon

Day 7: Departure

Grab the last drink or hit at one of your favorites during the trip and head over to the airport
  • SOD – EOD: Bye-bye Lisbon, fly out of the Lisbon Airport

Estimated Cost: $500

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