See the Cities Gear

Shoe Insoles

A key part of visiting a different city is walking around it! To avoid fatigue you’ll want top notch footwear, but you don’t have to purchase all new shoes for your city adventure. Getting the right insoles to place in your shoes will assure comfortability as you go from place to place.

Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is a photographer favorite for taking high-quality photos and videos without breaking the bank.  There are many cameras similar to the D3300 but this model has proved itself elite and reliable over and over again. Some of the features this camera comes with are 3D tracking, zoom capability, video recording in 1080 with (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps) HD video, and more. 

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on vacation is extremely important, so having a reliable water bottle is crucial.  The best water bottles are BPA free and insulated. Having an insulated bottle will keep the water cold even on a hot day. The Glacier Point Vaccum bottle is BPA free and insulated.

Day Backpack 

Day packs are great for city trips. They are the perfect size for carrying everything you’ll need to have on the move. The Osprey Quasar Daypack has a total of 13 pockets, a laptop pad inside, and bungee cables in the front to keep your items snug.

Travel Insurance


There are many travel insurance providers out there, but World Nomads is surely the best. They understand the average traveler wants an easy experience to get the relevant coverage. Travel Nomads is easy to work with, flexible and has great coverage worldwide. The process to purchase the insurance for your trip is very easy and user-friendly.