A Day Trip to the Biltmore Estate

The Vanderbilt property of the Biltmore estate is one of North Carolina’s best things to do. You can take numerous amounts of tours inside the mansion and see the inside from the perspective of the guests, the help, and of course the Vanderbilts. The massive grounds are packed with activities such as ATVing, biking, fishing, hiking, skeet shooting, and more. But activities aside, the grounds are great to walk or drive around as the views and openness of the property are stunning.


Day 1: A Day Trip to the Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is a massive property, and for this reason, there are shuttles that take you to each sight. But the distance from each sight is walk-able. Admission to the property is a bit on the expensive side as prices range from $40 to $70.


  • SOD – 14:00: You’ll want to drive right to the Biltmore Estate parking lots, even though you’ll be passing the Antler Hill Village on the way in first. From the parking lot, follow the path to the Biltmore Estate. As you walk closer to the building’s size becomes more and more impressive. At the mansion, you can walk through some rooms on your own or take guided tours through extra parts of the house. There are also shops and restaurants just outside the mansion
    • (1m)
  • 14:01 – 16:00: Walk on through the massive Biltmore Azalea Garden. These gardens are amazingly maintained and contain a lake, hiking trails, and a greenhouse
    • (20m)
  • 16:20 – 18:00: Follow the underground tunnel leading into the Biltmore Estate Winery. The tunnel is filled with tools used to make wine as well as interesting references on the history of Biltmore wine. At the end of the tunnel, there is a store where you can buy your own Biltmore wine and other neat things
    • (1m)
  • 18:01 – EOD: End your day at the lovely Antler Hill Village. Here there are many stores and restaurants where you can sit back and enjoy the grounds. Sometimes there will even be free live music in the pavilion. If you’ve signed up for an activity on the grounds, the meeting place for it will most likely in this village 
The Biltmore Estate

Estimated Cost: $120


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