A One Day Irish Road Trip

While you’re in Ireland a great way to spend the day The Ring of Kerry is a great way to spend the day while you’re in Ireland. . The road stretches 96 miles and takes only three hours to complete without any stop, but you’ll be stopping…a lot. When driving on the ring you’ll be seeing and engaging in the towns along the way.


Day 1: How To Do The Ring Of Kerry In One Day

When embarking on the Ring of Kerry, you’ll want to rent a car at Cork and drive to Kilarny to start the road trip. There is a lot to see on the first leg of the trip; so waking up early is a must.
  • SOD – 9:00: Begin the day by strolling through downtown Kilarny. This small town is a great place for a power breakfast and some morning beer… ya know, since you’re in Ireland
    • (16m)
  • 9:16 – 11:00: The beautiful and historic 19th century Muckross House and Gardens are a great place to spend some time to relax. On it’s grounds are tours of the interior, shops, and a café
    • (23m)
  • 11:23 – 12:40: One of the most famous views on the Ring of Kerry is the Ladies View. Stopping here will unveil a picture perfect area of open fields, mountains, and the special Ireland sky. You may also take the time to hike down a bit to enjoy the nature
    • (20m)
  • 13:00 – 14:30: Break up the day at the cutest little town of Kenmare, this friendly and colorful town is a great spot for lunch
    • (1h)
  • 15:30 – 17:00: If the weather is nice you could go for a swim at the glorious Derrynane Beach and while you’re there see the Derrynane house. Both are a crucial part of the Ring of Kerry experience
    • (40m)
  • 17:40 – 19:00: Get off the mainland and head over to the Skellig islands. On the island, you’ll find great nature along with historic Irish ruins. To get to the islands you’ll need to take a boat tour, which won’t be hard to find as you get close to the coast
    • (20m)
  • 19:20 – 20:00: One of Ireland’s scenic castles is the Ballycarbery Castle. This moss covered castle may seem a bit underwhelming but it’s remains make for great pictures as it stands on top of its little hill overlooking miles of open land. Sometimes there may be cows grazing on its land
    • (50m)
  • 20:50 – EOD: End the day by having dinner in Killorglin! This is a lively area that is a mix of residents and tourists. Here you’ll find bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, and more


Estimated Cost: $100


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