Marrakesh Magic

It’s one of the places that has been on your to-go list, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet, well no more waiting! The most northern African Country has regions of different atmospheres and at its heart is the city of Marrakesh, which is known to be the center of excitement in Morocco. There is an abundance of activities, culture, and nightlife all of which make Marrakesh the perfect vacation.

What to Bring   What to Know   Where to Stay


Day 1: Arrival

You’ve arrived in hot and sunny Marrakesh and the partying, nature, and sights are just about to begin. Lucky for you, the airport is a quick twenty minutes drive from the city.
  • You’ve arrived at the airport, now take a cab into the city
  • The Passage Prince Moulay Rachid Street is one of the popular streets in Marrakesh. The street is filled with souvenir shops and restaurants

Day 2: Artisans At Their Finest

Moroccans are known for creating beautiful handmade goods such as carpets, jewelry, and musical instruments. When first truly exploring the city, you’ll be overwhelmed by a number of things you’ll want to take home with you.
  • SOD – 11:00: Start your trip with instant history at the Almoravid Koubba, which is a longstanding building from the Almoravid dynasty dating back to the 12th century
    • (5m)
  • 11:05 – 13:30: As you’re exploring the city, stop at the Marrakesh Museum and learn about Morocco’s history. The museum is also gorgeously designed with geometric shapes carved into the walls
  • 13:30 – 17:00: There’s no better way to see a city then walking around without a cause! Take this free time to venture the streets of Marrakesh
  • 17:00 – EOD: Spend the remainder of the day at the massive Jamaa el-fna market square. Though Jamma el-fna is active with merchants all day, it is most popular from 1800: – 23:00

Day 3: A Break From The Sand

You may want to prearrange a bus ride or find a service when you’re in Marrakesh, but you’ll definitely want to keep the Ourika Valley visit in your trip. There are not many chances you’ll have to see an oasis as beautiful as the Ourika, so now that you’re in Morocco you better take it!
  • SOD: 10:00: Fuel up with a breakfast at or around your place of stay in Marrakesh
    • (50m)
  • 10:50 – 15:00: There are buses from Marrakesh to Ourika so find one for this day trip. The valley of Ourika is a luscious green beautiful oasis with stream and waterfalls that will give your eyes a break from all the sand.
    • (40m)
  • 15:40 – 16:30: The ruined El Badii Palace is another great sight to see while you’re in back in Marrakesh
    • (2m)
  • 16:30 – 17:30: Wander the ancient Saadian Tombs. These tombs are a hit tourist attraction in Marrakesh because they’re preserved so nicely despite being so old
  • 17:30 – EOD: As Marrakesh is known for being the part center of Morocco, follow the noise and enjoy the nightlife

 Day 4: More Morocco

After yesterday’s little excursion from Marrakesh, you’re back for more. On Day four finish up with some of the other notable sights of the city and feel free to revisit anything you wish.
  • SOD: 10:30: Enjoy some food to prepare for the rest of the day
  • 10:30 – 11:20: Begin your last full day by visiting the towering Koutoubia Mosque. This is an important area for worship and popular for tourists to see
    • (20m)
  • 11:40 – 14:00: Let some talent Moroccan masseuses take care of you at the Riads Collection Spa
    • (15m)
  • 14:15 – 15:30: From chests to carpets, visit the Dar Si Said Museum to see artifacts dating all the way back to the 11th century
    • (10m)
  • 15:40 – 17:00: Take a break from all the running around and visit the open spaced Palais de la Bahia for the final major sight of this trip
  • 17:00 – EOD: Get in the last bit of Marrakesh hookah and partying you can before departure

Day 5: Departure

Morocco is a big country with many cities and sights to see so don’t think that coming here once is enough! Next time visit the coastal cities of Agadir or Tangier.
  • SOD: At certain times of the year the Menara Gardens are more colorful than others. When it’s in season it can be a nice quick stop to see before catching your flight out
    • (10m)
  • Begin the journey home from the Marrakesh Menare Airport


Estimated Cost $400



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