Gems of Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a lot of great museums, restaurants, and stores; the nightlife is also great! The sights are not very far from each other and are definitely walkable. However, if you’d like, the Frankfurt train, which is about 8 euros a day, it will take you to where you need to go within the city.

What to Bring   What to Know   Where to Stay


Day 1: Ankunft

What’s not in this itinerary, is when you’ll be eating Schnitzel, Bratwurst, and drinking German beer. Becuase its a given and you’ll be doing lots of it. 
  • Land in Frankfurt International Airport, which is the third largest airport in Europe. This itinerary does not require a rental car so you may take a cab to go right to your place of stay

Day 2: Innenstadt

There is a lot to see in Frankfurt, and from looking into the city it’s tempting to run around and go crazy! But even though it’s a walkable city take some time at each of the sights so you can enjoy them all thoroughly.
  • SOD – 10:00: Whether or not your just walking by or want to see a show, visit the Old Opera
    • (5m)
  • 10:05 – 11:00:Start Frankfurt off by seeing it from a bird’s eye view at the Main Tower. The Main Tower is Frankfurt’s highest skyscraper and has a restaurant at the top. At the top of the 650-foot building, there are telescopes you can gaze through
    • (10m)
  • 11:10 – 14:00: While you’re walking to the sites on the perimeter of the Hauptwache Plaza, take some time to visit the center where there are great restaurants and stores
    • (2m)
  • 14:02 – 15:40: You’ll definitely want to visit the Freies Deutsches Hochstift or “Goethe House”. This preserved home is where the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived from 1749 – 1795
    • (2m)
  • 15:42 – 16:40: When in Frankfurt, you must visit the stunning St. Paul’s Church
    • (3m)
  • 16:03 – 17:30: Another wonderful sight of Frankfurt is Romer, which is a medieval building and one of the city’s most important national landmarks. Right in front of the Romer building is the fountain of justice
    • (2m)
  • 17:32 – 18:30: Another heavyweight church is the Frankfurt Cathedral, towering high with its pointy steeple, it won’t be hard to find if you just look up
  • 18:30 – EOD: After venturing mostly in Innenstadt end the day by enjoying the restaurants and nightlife back in the Hauptwache Plaza

Day 3: Altstadt

You’ve heard about it, now you’ll get to experience it. Act like a local in the Romerberg town center then go to the Museumsuferfest being as touristy as possible. Besides the excellent museums on the Museumsuferfest, the area it’s known for its busking, friendly people, and a gorgeous view of the Main River.
  • SOD – 13:00: Visit another lovely town center in Frankfurt. The Romerberg area has many restaurants and stores and could be great for nice breakfast and lunch
    • (10m)
  • 13:10 – EOD: You can’t go to Frankfurt and not walk or bike down the Museumsuferfest to see all of the incredible museums lined up by the Main River. The Notable museums include Schhrin Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Eiserner Stag, Museumsuferfest, Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Stadel Museum, Liebieghaus Skulpturensamm, and Museum Giersch. These museums range from art, history, natural wonders, and more

Day 4: Westend

Another nice area of Frankfurt is Westend, which is where many of the locals live. While you won’t be spending much time in the actual neighborhoods part, you’ll be walking around it to get to the sights for day four.
  • SOD – 10:00: As you’re walking to the Senckenberg, look up at large Hammering Man statue
    • (10m)
  • 10:10 – 13:00: If you’re into Dinosaurs and other kinds of nature history, visit the Senckenberg
    • (6m)
  • 13:06 – 15:00: There are two major botanical gardens in Frankfurt, one is the Palmengarten and the other is the Botanischer Garten, both are equally awesome and both are on your way to the Grunebuerpark
    • (2m)
  • 15:06 – EOD: End another day of walking with some fresh air in the open at the Grunebuerpark

Day 5: Ostend

You’ve been going strong and have made the most of your time in Frankfurt, now on your final day don’t stop the sightseeing ambition! After all of the shops you’ve seen in the city, your first stop at Zeil street will prove superior as it is known as one of the best shopping areas in all of Germany.
  • SOD – 13:00: You’ve been good so far, but now it’s time to splurge. Start the day at Zeil Street for top tier shopping
    • (2m)
  • 13:02 – 14:30: Stroll through the tranquil Chinese themed Bethmann Park
    • (28m)
  • 14:58 – 16:00: After a longish walk, but nice views of the city. Visit the uniquely themed Dialog Museum, this museum is completely in the dark and aims to give the sensation of what being blind is like
    • (10m)
  • 16:10 – 18:00: To see animals from all over the world, visit the Frankfurt Zoo
  • 18:00 – EOD: On your last night in Frankfurt, spend it in the places you’ve enjoyed the most or explore around and find some new sights

Day 6: Abreise

Head on out…even though you know you want to stay.
  • Depart from the Frankfurt Airport


Estimated Cost $500



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