Being Kind to Your Wallet Gear

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Teton Sports Scout Cheap Backpack

The Teton Sports Scout backpack is a trusted pack when it comes to affordability and reliability. The backpack is comfortable and spacious, it comes with many pockets, hip straps to help bear the weight, a rain cover and more.


Durable Accessory and Device Case

Keep all of your devices in a durable and portable case during your travels, having your items together instead of scattered lowers the chance of losing them. Buying a cheap extra case to protect your items is a worthy investment so you won’t need to replace expensive devices entirely if anything happens.



Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on vacation is extremely important, so having a reliable water bottle is crucial. Having a water bottle will also assure that you won’t need to buy water bottles during your travel. The best water bottles are BPA free and insulated. Having an insulated bottle will keep the water cold even on a hot day. The Glacier Point Vaccum bottle is BPA free and insulated.

Travel Insurance


There are many travel insurance providers out there, but World Nomads is surely the best. They understand the average traveler wants an easy experience to get the relevant coverage. Travel Nomads is easy to work with, flexible and has great coverage worldwide. The process to purchase the insurance for your trip is very easy and user-friendly.