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Ride-Sharing/Ground Transportation

 Lyft is a ride-sharing app with a presence in most major cities within the United States. Use the code “WimbyTravel” for $50 off for first-time users.  Uber is a great ride-sharing app that also delivers food. Uber drivers can be found almost anywhere in the world. For new Uber users use the code “uberWimby_Travel” for $5 off of your next four rides.



 Airb&b is a personal and reliable way to stay the nights during your travel. Airb&b is a home sharing network with available hosts all over the world. To redeem $40 of credit toward your next stay, click here!

Activity Programs


 Save up to 25% off of any outdoors and electronics purchases by accessing Amazon here!  Access the wonderful travel guides of Lonely Planet by clicking here!
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