Back in Time at Chartres

Chartres is arguably one of the best areas in all of Europe to see true Gothic styled architecture. From the towering Cathedral to the Jardins de l’Eveche get excited for a day back in time. This itinerary is featured as a day trip in Paris Extraordinaire.

Day 1: Back in Time at Chartres

In Chartres, there is a small town with touristy restaurants and shops by the Cathedral. But obviously, the main attraction will be to see the Cathedral and gardens. Within the area, you’ll surely be able to spend the day venturing the gothic town.


  • SOD: Arrive at the gothic city of Chartres. When you’re here, be sure to walk down the intriguing alleys and stroll around the groomed gardens
    • (7m)
  • You’ve traveled all this way to see the Cathedral of Our Lady Chartres and now that you’re here, take it all in. The Cathedral towers over the city with its copper-green roof and gothic styled steeples
    • (2m)
  • EOD: Just outside of the Cathedral is the Jardins de l’Eveche. A green masterpiece garden with bushes, flowers, trees, and even fountains. The garden is a great place to sit down a relax a little


Estimated Cost $30


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