Keflavik Quickie

The Keflavik airport is a pretty cool one — no pun intended! But in all seriousness, the futuristic feel of the airport may persuade you to stay within its bounds; but not very far away you can have a quick Icelandic experience! If you touch down in Iceland for a reasonably sized stopover, venturing out of the airport for the views and experiences is definitely worth it.

Day 1: Stopover 

If you’re only interested in lounging in the Blue Lagoon during your stopover there are buses that leave from the airport that’ll take you directly there, however, if you’d like to visit the other sights, it’ll be more beneficial to rent a car for a few hours.
  • SOD: Grab your luggage from the baggage claim and pick up a rental car from the airport
    • (10m)
  • As a Nordic country, Iceland is famous for its Vikings. Drive over to the Viking World museum to scope out some authentic Viking artifacts
    • (14m)
  • Luckily for all short-term travelers, the Blue Lagoon is a quick drive away, so it can easily be done in a stopover; but be sure you make a reservation online before you just show up. Once there, sit back in the blue hot spring pool and enjoy its other spa amenities
    • (20m)
  • EOD: Though you could’ve stayed at the Blue Lagoon much longer, you’ll have to return to Iceland for that as you’ve got to catch your departure flight back at the Keflavik Airport




Estimated Cost $120


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