Luxurious Travel Gear

Luggage/Suit Case

Having luggage you can trust is super important wherever you go! Once you check your bag, that is the most likely time for any damage to happen.  When selecting a suitcase you want light-weight construction, definitely wheels, and reinforced corners that defend against the harshest travel condition. 



Take your entertainment on the road with you! Having a tablet at hand is great for lounging by the water or on car trips. A lightweight and versatile device like a tablet will give you the options to take e-books, movies, games and more wherever you go!


International Charger

There are many charging adapters to select from when going to a country that uses one different than your own but the best way to purchase this is to get a small international charging block with multiple charging outlet adapters.



Nice Camera/Canon GX7

Save the memories from your vacation even after it ends with a nice camera! The Canon GX7 is a great compact camera with a lot of capabilities. This camera has a powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor, optical Zoom, 9-blade iris diaphragm and more. The GX7 is great for both pictures and videos.  

Travel Insurance


There are many travel insurance providers out there, but World Nomads is surely the best. They understand the average traveler wants an easy experience to get the relevant coverage. Travel Nomads is easy to work with, flexible and has great coverage worldwide. The process to purchase the insurance for your trip is very easy and user-friendly.